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We are dedicated to facilitating the presentation of one personalized Honor and Remember Flag for each family of a fallen service member. With thousands of families to reach across all generations gifting is only possible with donated resources or specific sponsorships through individuals or organizations. Please be patient as the waiting period may be several months or longer.
Once funding is generated, we would like to properly prepare this personalized tribute. In order to insure accuracy please provide us the specific information requested below. Once flags are sewn based on the information given, it is expensive or impossible to fix misinformation.
Although we are not specifically sponsoring the new Honor and Sacrifice Flag for public safety officials, they can be individually sponsored and presented by those in the local community.

Fill out the following information to request a flag:

Family Information (if different from above):

Fallen Hero Information

Example: Cpl George A. Lutz II ~ 29 Dec 2005 ~ Iraq

We want to be sure that each loved one is respectfully recognized and honored individually by name and that each family’s sacrifice not be forgotten. Because of the importance of this campaign in educating the country in the daily remembrance of each precious life, these presentations are suggested to be made formally in a public ceremony.They are not simply shipped or mailed.We can arrange for a short ceremony in your area, however, it would be best if you could recommend dates and places meaningful for the presentation. In order to help you arrange this please suggest any groups, organizations, churches etc that you are associated with or any possible venue recommendations you may be attending.

All information provided is held in strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third party. Thank you.

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